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Read about the Twinning Association's history and current organisation on this page.



The Twinning Association was founded in 1978 as the result of regular visits to France by a Whitchurch resident Sheridan Thynne. One of the places he used to visit was La Bouille, a village situated on the serpentine stretch of the Seine midway between Rouen and Le Havre.  He thought it was a good match with Whitchurch in size and location, with convenient access by ferry from Portsmouth and Le Havre.

 Initially a charter was drawn up linking La Bouille and Whitchurch.  This was extended to include Goring Heath parish in 1985 as many of the participants in the various events lived "up the hill".


The venue for the reception held during the first visit of the French was Hardwick House.  The original charter was signed by the leader of the Parish Council, Robert Noble (sadly no longer with us).  Both he and the first chairman, Christopher Claxton, attended the 20th Anniversary celebration, also at Hardwick House, in July 1998.

20th anniversary reception at Hardwick House

Landmark years have been celebrated on both sides of the channel. This photo was taken on the occasion of the 25th anniversary when we presented a specially commissioned painting to La Bouille.



The association is a loose-knit organisation.  A membership fee was charged originally but abandoned at an early stage.  A committee is elected by those present at the AGM which usually takes place in January.  The main topic of discussion at the meeting is arrangements for the next visit.  The current officers on the committee are:

  • Chairman: Vicky Jordan

  • Treasurer: Martyn Jordan

  • Secretary: Martyn Jordan

  • Representative for Whitchurch: Gwen Bruce

  • Representative for Whitchurch Hill: Vicky Jordan

There are many more committee members and active supporters in the two parishes.

The Twinning Association has strong links with Whitchurch Primary School and encourages families with young children to join in the Association's events.


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