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Here are some Normandy recipes we've collected whilst on visits to La Bouille.


Apple Crown in Calvados

This is an 18th century recipe found in the kitchens of the chateau de Vendeuvre. It's a delicious apple cake.

Break 3 whole hens eggs into a clean glazed earthenware bowl.
Pour in 2 cups crushed sugar.
Add 100g melted butter and 100g freshly curdled milk or yoghurt.
Throw in 2 cups sieved flour.
Mix thoroughly.
Sow vanilla dust and a pinch of yeast (half a sachet).
Peel and slice thinly 3 nice apples and a pear and add to the paste.
Mix gently while adding 2 liquor glasses of Calvados.
Pour the mixture into a copper cake crown previously buttered.
Let it cook 45 minutes in a hot oven


Salad Dressing la Claudine

We so much enjoyed the salad course when we dined at the L'Huissiers that we asked Claudine for the recipe for her salad dressing.

Wash and drain the lettuce.
Walnut oil and cider vinegar in the proportions 2 spoonfuls of nut oil to 1 spoonful of vinegar.
Fine salt, and pepper from a pepper-mill.
Half a shallot, very finely chopped (this should be the long violet variety).
Mix the dressing well in the bottom of the salad bowl and then add the lettuce.
Toss and serve.




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