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Over the early May bank holiday week-end a group of 23 from Whitchurch and Goring Heath, including one new member aged 15 months, travelled by coach and ferry to La Bouille for a week-end of fine food and wine and an outing taking in two very different local places of interest.

For more photos from the trip, go to the Photos 2010


Reception at the Mairie

Upon our arrival, early Saturday evening, we attended a reception at the Marie, given by the assistant mayor of La Bouille and La Presidente of the La Bouille Twinning followed by a copious meal in the village hall.


Our Sunday outing was to ‘Ry’, a town to the East of Rouen, where a small museum told the story of Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert in tableaux, with moving marionettes. Apparently the novel was based on real events in the town. After a picnic in some pretty gardens we moved on to the picturesque village of  Lyons-La-Foret for coffee and ices, before making our way to the imposing Chateau de Fleury-La-Foret. . Here we were shown the collection of vintage dolls and outside had a chance to look over a gathering of veteran cars.







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