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Over the week-end of 1-3 May, a group of 36 people from La Bouille visited Whitchurch. This page relates the story of their visit. There are more photos on the 2009 Photos page.


Family Time

The morning of Friday the 1st May saw a coach full of 36 people from La Bouille arrive at the Goring Heath Parish Hall. This was an unusually large group and we were very pleased to welcome a number of new visitors to Whitchurch and to include a number of new families to host them.

Our French guests spent Friday with their host families who arranged various activities ranging from relaxing over lunch and tours of the village to a quick trip to London.



On Friday evening we officially welcomed our visitors at a reception and dinner. We were pleased that our District Councillor, Pearl Slatter, was able to come along and speak. We wrapped up the evening with a showing of Nick Brazil’s video of the village.


Harcourt Arboretum

On Saturday we headed off to Oxford, stopping on the way at Harcourt Arboretum. Here, we took a walk around the grounds to admire the different trees. The bluebell woods looked particularly spectacular, as did a number of brightly coloured azaleas and rhododendrons. At lunch time we found a clearing to set out our picnics in the sunshine.



In Oxford, we split into loosely-formed groups to follow a walking tour of the historic city centre. This took in Christchurch Meadow, passing various colleges, and the Botanic Garden. We enjoyed a welcome cup of tea and cake at the crypt café of St. Mary’s church before completing our tour and returning to Whitchurch.

On Saturday evening, host families got together in different groups for dinner.

Sunday morning came round all too quickly and it was time to bid farewell to our visitors. They all said they had spent a wonderful time with us and we look forward to meeting them all again at future events.

For the French side of the story go to the La Bouille Twinning website.


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